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Walmart account management for your brand

Jan 4

Walmart Marketplace has more than 110 million monthly active users, making it one of the fastest-growing eCommerce platforms today. Walmart Marketplace storefronts are now a good time to start. Just like eBay and Amazon, the Walmart Marketplace platform has evolved into a powerful branding tool. Both buyers and sellers can utilize the Walmart Marketplace platform now. Right Walmart account management strategy gives you the opportunity to generate more leads and boost your revenue if you're looking for an innovative method of selling products and services.


When you are a retailer, finding new ways to sell your products and services is essential. The benefits of selling on your own website outweigh the challenges. However, managing your own eCommerce site is no easy task. Getting your eCommerce site to drive leads or boost conversions requires time, effort and investment. You will need to implement a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy if you want to see results.


As an alternative, you can list your products on marketplaces to increase your reach and ROI. Adding your products to the Walmart Marketplace is a great way to generate new revenue. Comparing Walmart Marketplace to other eCommerce platforms, there are fewer sellers on Walmart Marketplace, so it's a great opportunity to stand out from the crowd and impress your customers.

Walmart Marketplace Marketing and Optimization

Increase Your ROI With Urtasker Walmart Marketplace management


It is important that you understand the Walmart Marketplace platform before you begin selling on Walmart Marketplace. A strategic approach to improving your listing and brand pages is crucial, like for other eCommerce sites.


Our Urtasker digital marketing agency specializes in Walmart Marketplace optimization as a result of our forward-thinking approach to digital marketing. As a leading eCommerce company, we provide services designed to help you drive the growth of your online business. The Walmart Marketplace has grown into a leading eCommerce platform as revenue has increased. We receive more than 10 requests daily asking us to manage my Walmart account


Make the most of your digital footprint by collaborating with our Walmart Marketplace marketing team. By performing eCommerce SEO and content audits to optimize your catalog, we make sure your Walmart business will be positioned well in front of your target customers.


Why sell on the Walmart Marketplace

Customers in large numbers

Walmart Marketplace is only behind Amazon in terms of the size of its eCommerce platform. More than 110 million active users make it the perfect platform to expand your network and increase conversions.

Traffic volume that is high

310 million unique visitors browse Walmart Online Marketplace each month on average. The number of visitors to the site reached nearly 500 million during the peak holiday season in 2019. Consider utilizing Walmart's high traffic volume rather than struggling to drive traffic to your own website.

Competitiveness is lower

Despite Walmart Marketplace's rapid growth, there is less competition on the platform. The Walmart eCommerce site is home to 33,000 merchants, while Amazon is home to more than 2 million, setting up an account now is an excellent idea.


You won't have to pay anything up front like you do on other eCommerce platforms


Walmart Marketplace charges neither a set-up fee nor a storage fee, unlike other eCommerce sites, Walmart Marketplace offers free customer service as well! It only charges a commission when you sell something. You can take advantage of this opportunity as a Walmart Marketplace seller in order to maximize your resources.

Walmart Marketplace Management Services

Product listings optimized

With strategic product listing optimization, you can increase organic exposure and maximize ROI. Our titles, descriptions, and images will ensure your product succeeds.

Implementation of keywords

By incorporating the keywords your buyers are using into the places they should be, Walmart Advertising can connect you with your buyers. If you use the same words your customers use, you'll get more organic traffic and conversions.


Advertisements for Walmart Sponsored Products

Walmart's sponsored products feature gives your products the attention and visibility they deserve. Creating sponsored ads, optimizing listings, and increasing conversions is one of our specialties.

Managing Walmart accounts to the fullest extent possible

You don't have to worry about how your account is performing since we monitor it closely. Data analytics are a critical aspect of our strategy, and we share all the data and insights with our clients monthly, so they can have a crystal-clear understanding of the success of their accounts.

Designing and developing websites

A responsive and interactive website is essential to drawing more customers to your business. Our web development team can help you build a website that will delight your visitors and enhance your business. If you want to develop a new platform or have a preferred eCommerce web design, we can help.

Increase your Walmart Marketplace sales

You must refine and implement your Walmart Marketplace marketing strategy as a Walmart Marketplace seller. The reason many businesses fail at Walmart is due to their difficulty with eCommerce marketing. Our in-house eCommerce marketing team can provide assistance with selling on Walmart Marketplace.


We will optimize Walmart Marketplace campaigns to give your business maximum ROI. As a Walmart Marketplace seller, you must consider the following elements: product placement, pricing, content optimization, and marketing campaigns. We will create online campaigns that suit your company's unique offering based on our extensive knowledge of digital marketing.


Walmart SEO and eCommerce PPC campaigns are two of the strategies we implement to improve your visibility and credibility. You can rest easy and concentrate on running your business with our team driving the process.

Why Choose Urtasker for your Walmart account? 

Urtasker is an E-commerce consulting and marketing agency that helps companies deal with Amazon and Walmart, as well as various strategic consulting projects. Located on Long Island, New York, Urtasker specializes in e-commerce and marketing. 

In 2015, the firm was founded and has experienced tremendous growth since then. The company has grown from a small team to a global workforce of over 200 e-commerce marketing experts in the last five years. 

We have the following achievements in the E-commerce industry which we are proud of:

  • A Walmart Marketplace Agency that provides full-service

With more than 7 years of experience, top Walmart Marketplace management agency.

  • Our Walmart advertising agency is the fastest growing in the industry

In 2021, we ranked on top of 100 Walmart Brand Growth Management agencies around the globe. 

  • There are more than 100 Walmart success stories

Achieved success for more than 100 brands on Walmart and helped them achieve their desired results. 

  • A wide range of experience

Increasing visibility and conversions on Walmart, while creating brand awareness for more than 5 years

  • Optimization of conversions

Our Walmart listing optimization services have increased conversion rates by 200% on average

  • Employees around the world

The Walmart Marketplace team consists of 50 experts who develop cutting-edge strategies